Enjoy Yoga in the Spectacular Wadi Rum Desert

Do you ever wish that you could just get away from it all?

Wake up each morning in one of the world’s most beautiful locations, find your inner balance and enjoy practicing yoga in the tranquil silence of the remote desert.

After Yoga and genuine Bedouin cooking, you are able to follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia; taking a peaceful walk, jeep or camel ride to explore the beautiful Wadi Rum.

We have teamed up with Jordan Tracks, a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence travel company run by two Bedouin brothers to offer the unique experience of exploring Jordan’s unspoilt beauty on an exclusive Yoga safari.

By the end of this active week, you will feel rejuvenated and will have gained an insight into some of the unmissable sites Jordan has to offer, whilst experiencing Yoga in some of nature’s most stunning landscapes.


Your journey begins with a fully guided day at historic Petra, the UNESCO world heritage site, before travelling on to the Wadi Rum.

In the Wadi Rum desert, our yoga instructor Sarah Burton will guide you through Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga is a discipline that utilizes postures and breathing techniques. This form of yoga offers a range of health benefits to those who practice it, as it encompasses all areas of mind, body and soul. Much emphasis is placed on the breath, and the transition in and out of the asana. This practice can incorporate some kind of meditation before or after the class, and the practice itself is often considered a ‘moving meditation’.

Throughout the week you will be guided around the Wadi Rum, to experience the breath taking views, with a combination of walking, jeep, and even a day on a camel.

Yoga practices will be held at various times in the day to get the full benefits of the magnificent locations in the desert. Each evening you will experience genuine Bedouin cooking, and be treated to Bedouin music around the campfire under starlight.

Day 1 - Magnificent Petra.

Your holiday starts with a fully guided trip to Petra, one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Renowned for its charm and ancient cultural heritage, Petra marks the achievement of an impressive civilization, the Nabataean Arabs, who perfectly carved the city into the mountains.

Day 1 - Overnight.

Spend your first night in the desert at our Eco camp, 10 km away from Wadi Rum village in the valley of Abu Hassaran, in the area of Um Fruth rock bridge. You will have the choice to sleep inside traditional bedouin tents or under the stars a little bit further on the dune.

Day 2 - Wadi Rum.

Your day starts with 2 hours of Vinyasa Flow Yoga training. After breakfast you walk with your bedouin guide through the narrow canyon to reach Al Qatari spring and stop for lunch. In the afternoon we continue walking to Um Rathah area for the outside camp where your hosts will entertain you with traditional bedouin stories and music.

Day 3 - Nomad Lands.

After breakfast the jeeps will join us and drive to Jebel Hash, where you can walk to the top of the mountain to take in magnificent views of the Wadi Rum desert, then cross to the other side for lunch. Continue in the afternoon with the jeep tour to see the Nomad lands of the south Wadi Rum desert. Evening yoga training will take place at sun down, allowing you to take it the magical desert sunset. The day ends with a bedouin dinner around the camp fire, under the sparkling carpet of 100,000 stars.

Day 4 - Wadi Sabet.

You’ll start the day with Yoga and breakfast, then take a walk through beautiful landscapes to Wadi Sabet near the Saudi Arabian border. Wabi Sabet is the perfect spot to enjoy lunch and relax before the afternoon drive back to the fixed Eco camp. Your evening yoga session will take place a short way from the Eco camp, overlooking the stunning vistas of the Wadi Rum.

Day 5 - Camel ride to Um Fruth.

In the morning Yoga training 2 hours. After breakfast Camel will join us in the camp start riding the camels like old bedouin caravans through the canyon to see Um Fruth rock bridge and continue to see the big Burdah bridge stop for lunch and ride to the camp. Yoga for some time around the camp dinner and night.

Day 6 - Khazali Canyon.

In the morning last yoga training . After breakfast start walking to see khazali canyon and go back to the village of wadi rum lunch at our stable to see my beautiful arabian horses and (antir sarah horse). In the afternoon drive back to Madaba,


Accommodation starts at the Mosaic Hotel for your arrival night, and departure evening, after that you will move into the desert. Two nights of the week are spent at the fixed Eco-camp situated in the protected area, 10 km away from Wadi Rum village in the valley of Abu Hassaran in the area of Um Fruth rock bridge, where you can experience it's very special silence and charm.

You sleep inside a traditional Bedouin tent built with natural materials, and we provide comfortable mattresses, warm blankets, pillows and clean cotton sheets. The camp has a toilet and solar-powered warm shower for a cleansing end to your exhilarating day; you will need to bring your own soap and towel.

For the other nights you will stay in a simple Bedouin style camp. Small shared tents and mattresses are provided, although on a warm night you may choose to sleep under the stars, which is an unforgettable experience - you'll rarely have seen the stars so bright!

You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and camping pillow. Water is provided for washing face and hands, and a shower tent may be erected some nights with warm water supplied. The desert camp varies in location and toilet facilities are limited.


£799 per person
Single supplement £89 per person

Included in your week Not Included

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